What to Pack?

Electrical appliance

In Spain, the voltage is 220v. If you plan to use your personal equipment, don't forget to bring your own adaptor. If you forgot yours at home, we can provide you an adaptor free of charges in the reception desk.

Summer outfit

If you plan to come to visit Barcelona between May and September, we suggest you to pack light clothes. In fact, mediterranean climate offers hot and dry summers. During the day, you will be comfortable with your summer clothes. Don't forget beach towels, sunscreen and sunglasses. You are ready to enjoy this perfect climate.

Winter outfit

The Mediterranean climate is characterized by humid and mild winters. Nevertheless, we suggest you to pack jeans, trousers, jackets and a coat. In case of rain, umbrellas are waiting for you in the reception desk. Don't forget your wooly hats and scarfs, especially between November and February, because temperatures can decrease.
Pablo Picasso, who incidentally hated Gaudi's work, began his Blue Period in 1902 in a studio in the building where Happy Apartments Barcelona is nowadays, according to the Lonely Planet.
The Palau Reial Major, was considered as one of the highest building in the world in the Middle Ages. It was a kind of ancestor of our skyscrapers.
Walking along the Rambla, you will find a huge statue of a dragon in the facade of one of the buildings. This is not an Asian store, but an old umbrella shop, which built this dragon as a headline.
Antoni Gaudí, the leader of the Catalan Modernism, was the architect of the Sagrada Famìlia, the Parc Güell, the Casa Batlló, the Casa Milà (also named La Pedrera) and the Palau Güell (which is located in front of Happy Apartments Barcelona). His whole work was inspired by his passions: nature, architecture and religion. He also built less known constructions, like fountains or building facades. We invite you to discover all of them.
At the end of the Rambla, you will find the statue of Christophe Columbus. What does he point out? The logical answer would be “America” but this is actually the exact opposite. Some people say that he is highlighting is native city: Genova.
If you visit Plaça d'Espanya, you will see two towers which will remind you some other place in Europe. In fact, those twin towers named "The Venetian Towers", were inspired by the belfry of St Mark's Square of Venice.

The Perfect Day


Start your day with a delicious breakfast in the Boqueria Market, where you will see, smell, touch and savour lots of fresh local products. Then, have a walk through the small medieval streets of the Gothic area to be impressed by the architecture. Do not forget all the Roman remains hidden into some monuments and museums. Stop off in front of the Cathedral to admire centuries of history in one square: the Roman wall from the 4th century cohabits with the Gothic Cathedral, the Modernist buildings, the Medieval monuments and the actual shops. Nearby to Santa María del Mar, take a coffee or a tea in the Born, one of the most artistic and quaint district of Barcelona. You will enjoy this area located in the old town, before to go to visit the Picasso Museum, located in the same district, in order to admire many masterpieces of the pintor.


Art & architecture lovers will be happy in Barcelona. The Sagrada Família is waiting for you, with its towers and details. After you went up to the top, you will enjoy a 360º view of the whole city. Have a break at a restaurant or a tavern to eat some pintxos, this traditional tapas from the North of Spain. Then, go to visit the Parc Güell know for its longest bench of Europe, and all those strange curves and columns. Coming back to the city center, have a walk through Passig de Gràcia, the most important shopping avenue of Barcelona, with many of the most famous pieces of architecture. Take a picture of the Casa Batlló and the Casa Milà, and then stop at the Plaça Catalunya, the nerve centre of Barcelona. Now, you are ready for a shopping break. You can come back to Passeig de Gràcia, or walk down to Portal de l'Àngel and the Rambla.


In order to admire the sunset, go up to Montjuïc, one of the main hills of Barcelona, just next to the sea. Walking or by cable car, you will arrive to the highest point a find a castle. From that especial point, you will appreciate the view of the port and the old town meanwhile the sun goes down, and enjoy the lights shining the city. Go down until the port, and have a walk to the seafront until Barceloneta, this fishermen´s district, and stop in one of the plentiful restaurants of this area, in order to eat paella or seafood dishes. If you want to enjoy the turbulent nightlife of Barcelona, go to the Port Olimpic, with all its clubs and bars. If you prefer relax atmospheres, just chill out listening to Jazz in one of the rooftops of the city. When you start to be tired, come back to the comfort and the tranquillity of Happy Apartments Barcelona, for an enjoyable night.